Our I-Tracker system allows each of our Customers to have their own Portal in to the Software System if they wish.  Each Customer is given their own Login and Password, unique only to them and is secure. 

I-Tracker System gives each Customer access to their Order History and their Recieving History.  From those modules, you can print reports to help you maintain your inventory levels and track your Invoices.

Customers are able to key in their orders right from your own Order Access Page.  It is a click and key in number order system, designed for simple keying. 

Every Order that ships from our facility, wil have a signed Bill of Lading. Extra copies of the signed BOL's will be available upon request.

Is no longer a public cold storage facility

Each customer has the ability to look at their inventory in real time.  This module also gives the customer the ability to print inventory lists and reports